Welcome to the Cosmodrome

If there's anything I've learned in my career, it's this. When something I want doesn't exist - building it myself usually pays off.

Take my game studio, Giant Spacekat. I have long been frustrated by the lack of women protagonists in games. So, I launched by own studio - and our work has garnered critical and financial success.

Take my podcast, Isometric. I have long been frustrated with the lack of women commenting on games. So, I launched my own podcast, which has been a wild success. We later repeated the formula for Rocket, a tech podcast - which has been even more successful. 

The underlying theme for all of this is wanting to amplify the voices of women I professionally respect, women whose work deserves a wider audience. All too often in tech and games, unconscious bias leaves the rest of our voices unheard. Cosmodrome is simply a continuation of this strategy. 

Cosmodrome will be a link-list style site, similar to Daring Fireball or Loop Insight. If you're looking for the best content on the tech and game industry - look no further. Just like my Twitter, we will emphasize women's voices, but not to the exclusion of everyone else. 

Almost all of the problems in tech don't come from people who are consciously sexist, but rather an unconscious bias that gets the best of all of us occasionally, myself included. I hope that in launching Cosmodrome, I'll help widen everyone's perspective.